• Therapist Massage Gun from Urban Fitness
Therapist Massage Gun from Urban Fitness

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Urban Fitness Massage Gun
Rub away your muscle sores and say goodbye to multiple back pains. Rapid strokes help reduce inflammation, break up tissue and minimise muscle soreness and tension.
4 Different Massage Heads; Fork, Flat, Ball and Bullet to allow you to focus on different muscle groups.
6 Speed Levels
3.5 Hour Battery Lasting Life
3.5 - 4 Hour Charging Time
LCD Touch Screen
Brushless Motor
Carry Case Included
Speed Levels:
Level One: 2000 RPM
Level Two: 2200 RPM
Level Three: 2400 RPM
Level Four: 2600 RPM
Level Five: 2800 RPM
Demo models available to try in store.
Level Six: 3100 RPM